Ocularists Association of Australia

Ocularists Association Of Australia
Compassion & Expertise


The Ocularists Association of Australia was founded on the 20th October 2001 as a way to ensure a high standard of service and care for artificial eye recipients in Australia.

Our Creed

The members of the Association agree to abide by the Code of Ethics in their everyday business, and work together with a common focus, as defined by the Mission Statement.

As an official body whose purpose is to raise the standing of Ocularists and create a better awareness of their role, the Association helps define and ensure the Standards of its members through peer review and interaction.

Our Mission

  •  To define and promote standards of service of its members to clients and professionals with whom they work.
  • To promote excellence in quality of manufacture and fitting of artificial eyes.
  • To promote a forum for the exchange of information, reporting of recent developments and exploration of improved techniques and materials.
  • As an official body to communicate opinions of its members to ocularists, clients, professionals and the public as required.

Ocularists are skilled with many media - plaster, wax, paint and plastics. 

They take an impression of a lost eye socket, then fashion a cosmetic prosthetic, adjusting the fitting for the most realistic effect.



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