About Us

The Ocularists Association of Australia was founded on the 20th October 2001 as a way to ensure a high standard of service and care for artificial eye wearers in Australia.

The members of the association agree to abide by the Code of Ethics in their everyday business, and work together with a common focus, as defined by the Mission Statement.

As an official body whose purpose is to raise the standing of Ocularists and create a better awareness of their role, the association helps define and ensure the standards of its members through peer review and interaction.

Members of the Ocularist Association of Australia attend short courses to continue their professional development and training.

Code of Ethics

  1. To keep the welfare of the patient, specifically in regards to their needs for an ocular prosthesis, uppermost at all times and to ensure, to the best of my ability that any patient in need of my services receives appropriate care.
  2. To gain appropriate competencies so as to provide the best possible product and patient care, and to maintain such competencies through continuing education.
  3. To promote patient participation in decisions, which effect them, by providing accurate and up to date information, in terms which they, the patient can understand.
  4. To refer to another professional whenever further expertise is necessary for the patients benefit.
  5. To maintain my practice in keeping with professional standards and if deemed necessary by the Ocularists Association of Australia Ltd to allow review of myself and my practice by my peers.
  6. To hold in the strictest professional confidence all patient information and use such data only for the benefit of the patient.
  7. To promote and maintain cordial and mutually useful relationships with members of my profession and of other professions, for the interchange of information for my professional growth and for the advantage of my patients.

Mission Statement

  • To define and promote standards of service of its members to clients and professionals with whom they work.
  • To promote excellence in quality of manufacture and fitting of artificial eyes.
  • To promote a forum for the exchange of information, reporting of recent developments and exploration of improved techniques and materials.
  • As an official body to communicate opinions of its members to ocularists, clients, professionals and the public as required.

Ocularists Association Officers

President: Peter Knowles (SA)
Vice President: Roseanna-Zoe Knowles (SA)
Secretary: Emily Geelen (WA)
Treasurer: Patrick Loyer (VIC)